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Struggling with What’s going on at your Point of Sales? Get in-depth retail insights through Retail IQ platform

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building a seamless

Building a seamless retail experience through automation

Get hands-on real-time moments of truth, enriched with in-depth retail insights


GPS-Based Store Tagging
GPS-Based Store Tagging
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Digital Platform to Audit Life-Cycle
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Feedback Management
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Real Time Alert Management
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Insightful Dashboards & Reports
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Root Cause Analysis
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All Touchpoint Evaluation
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Pool of In-house Shoppers

About Retail IQ

About Mystery shopping tool (Retail IQ)

The retail IQ platform equips you with intelligence that helps in taking decisions to increase business, improve the experience, and act on the right area of improvement. The platform makes all audit findings available online leading to increased efficiency and hassle-free access to complete audit findings.

In-Depth Analysis & Dashboard

Mystery shopping In-Depth Analysis & Dashboard

  1. Provides a detailed and in-depth dashboard to drive a 360* view of scores across locations with recommendations and act
  2. Well-defined workflow to manage mystery shopping assignments, artifacts capturing, quality check, completion, and submission of final reports.
  3. Web-based dashboards providing access to reports detailing overall as well as analysis of the scores generated.

Robust Data Security

  1. End-to-end process tracking and automatic removal of captured artifacts from the device.
  2. Two-factor authentication of every registered individual on the application along with IMEI ID mapping
  3. Encryption of captured data
  4. GPS compliance with the best data security and privacy policies.
  5. State-of-the-art technology is used to develop, and optimize to work at low data rates and integrated with cloud infrastructure.

Frist poin tracking (Robust Data Security)

Easy Data Management

Easy Data Management

  1. Easy management and browsing of media captured whenever required
  2. Ensures the authenticity of the status of the parameters
  3. Enhances deliverables for the auditors and amplifies the number of audits

Reducing efforts

  1. Digitally converted data
  2. Reduced TAT, on-time delivery of quality assured insights
  3. Internal check mechanism
  4. Strong measurement to deliver best-in-class customer experience.

Reducing efforts by Retail IQ