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QDegrees stands proudly as unique providers of all pervasive customer care solutions. For all your customer care apprehensions and requirements, your “One Stop Solution “in KPO, BPO, field operations, market research, quality analysis and much more.

We will provide you a perfect combination of People, Process and Productivity.
3 Million+
Database Validation Per Month
48000 +
Data Collection Per Month
40000 +
GEO Tagging Per Month
18000 +
Voice Audits Per Month
100 +
Market Research Per Month
2000 +
Mystery Shopping Per Month

Our Core Values

"Our Core Values are the crux which constantly direct us to serve you in a most optimal manner."


One of the paramount values QDegrees uphold is "client first approach" or "reliance". We sincerely believe that earning the trust of our clients is the most important...read more


At QDegrees we strive every waking second, to achieve excellence in each of our endeavors. It is an undeniable commitment made to ourselves; ‘Never Stop till...read more


At QDegrees, we sincerely imbibe the value of flexibility or adaptability in all our workings. Enduring flexibility helps us creates a competitive advantage for us...read more


It is our commitment to perpetual quality improvement – that we always believe in going that extra distance, dive in and do our best. QDegrees marches only towards... read more


We wholeheartedly identify that we are at a high quality pedestal because of the incessant and relentless hard work by our entire team at QDegrees... read more


Innovation and novelty is an engrained character of QDegrees. We do not understand or propagate copy paste project deals. Each of our customers are treated as... read more

Why Choose us?

Technological Proficiency

QDegrees upholds the updation of technological proficiency at its optimum level. We are bound to provide each of our customers the latest and most well researched corporate standardised solutions. We believe in minimalism and hence we encourage the highest level of technology in all our dealings and every day performances.

Customised Quality Solutions

QDegrees is synonymous to Quality solutions. Our masterminds are continuously brainstorming quality solutions for all varied and diverse level difficulties. It is the guaranteed assurance of quality explanation that we offer to all our clients. We simultaneously mentor new talent to deliver you with better than best results.

Your requirements will be dealt with specialised expertise, which are technologically goofproof to provide you the most custom made solution to your customer care concerns.

On Time Deliverance

We at QDegrees treat your deadlines and releases with the highest priority. Our client’s satisfaction is our sole criteria for success. We work hard and persistent to encompass, and cover all your pain points to cater to you in an all pervasive manner.

We are meticulous in each of our tiniest tinkles of your details. We endorse the principle of punctuality in every mundane schedule of our working.

Round The Clock Assurance

“Once with QDegrees, Always with QDegrees!" QDegrees idealises its customers as a lifelong perpetual relations. We build relations for a lifetime and so is our customer care. We provide all our clients non-stop, day and night, unceasing customer care support.

We cherish our clients trust and we go every step forward to preserve it. Any issues, any stall, any technical glitch, QDegrees is present to answer and sort out your issues at the highest priority.

Dependable Partners

We at QDegrees, maintain an unalterable trust with our existing clients. We do not take or intermix any conflict of interest projects, of new and existing clients. Each of your confidential information and contents are absolutely safe and sound with QDegrees.

We undertake matchless levels of securing all your classified information with the highest safeguards. For us, our clients’ security and safekeeping is our utmost priority and well recognised responsibility.

Creative Breakthroughs

QDegrees is consistently encouraging and upscaling efforts towards creative breakthroughs. Our ingenious teams at QDegrees are always at work to produce unique and customised solutions for every client. We learn and grow alongside our client’s success.

We do not support and adapt the copy and paste methodology of working. We are completely and perpetually evolving newer techniques and methods to answer customer service solutions variety typically circumstance oriented to the case studies.

Meet Our Team

Let’s Connect with the Masterminds of QDegrees

CB Rajesh
CB Rajesh
Project Lead

CB is an astute customer service professional who has worked in multiple service industries like airline, hotel & telecommunication. During his long professional career he was last employed at Vodafone India Limited spanning 14 years at various capacities of last being GM customer service. His area of expertise includes Customer service, Customer life cycle management, Sales & distribution, IT projects & Mobile commerce.

Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma
Transition Manager

Saurabh Sharma has served at the leading brands including Bharati Teletech, Vodafone and HDFC and now a part of Qdegrees team. With 6+ years of experience in Telecom BPO operation, retail and direct banking channels, he is giving his invaluable guidance to our transaction audit team in their plans and auditing process for different BPO audits.

Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma
Transition Manager

Karan has more than 7 years of work experience in ITes and Telecom sector in customer service and collections domain. During his professional tenure he has worked with companies like Genpact, Vodafone and WIPRO.

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