Quality Check

QDegrees give you visibility through audits on the standard of service being provided by the companies which is of upmost importance in today’s competitive and ever dynamic international market.

Quality Check
Call Center Audits

Call Center Audits

In today’s competitive and ever dynamic international market where Customer is King, it is important for companies to have visibility through Voice & Non voice Audits on the standard of service being provided by their Call Centers.

We at QDegrees provide call center monitoring services by listening / assessing Voice & Non voice Audit interactions between customers and call center for different queues like Inbound, Outbound, Dealer Helpdesk, Premium Call Center, Grievance Redressal Cell, Social Media, etc. to:

  • Identify instances of non-compliance in process
  • Identify gaps in Agents skills
  • Identify opportunity to prevent repeat calls

We work closely with you to provide recommendations for improvement in People, Product, Process & System.

Digital Audits

Digital Audits

Deployment of New Acquisition Process post 2012 Regulatory guidelines by Department of Telecom changed the way Telecom Companies approached potential customers. Our new process brought a paradigm shift in the workflow of the Telecom Companies. The underlying principles of our digital audits are to achieve effective continuous risk management and establish existence & use of adequate internal control systems for process management.

Along with mapping of the DOT & actual process, these digital audits project also aims at:

  • Finding and spread good practices amongst circles
  • Plugging the GAPs across circles
  • Strengthen operational process mechanism for continuous adherence with DOT instructions
  • Suggest areas for improvement, based on root cause analysis, recommend a plan of action
  • Help circles establishments & implementation of the same
HSW Audits

HSW Audits

QDegrees is a specialized organization for dealing with comprehensive HSW audits report outlining the findings of your audit, quantified outcome. We also provide associated areas of Improvement with detailed recommendations. Our end results include potential for improved safety performance, workforce morale and well-being.

HSW audits show potentially reduced rates of accidents, injuries, ill health, litigation costs and improved productivity.

Feedback is shared with the client to work on these recommendations & observations which is monitored through NPS & VOC’s.

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