Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is central for competitive business growth in today’s rapidly changing market.

A great shopping experience establishes a benchmark for success


All details and artefacts are captured online over our Mystery shopping Application which ensures

Measure the quality of customer experience
Pool of In-house Shoppers
Digital Platform to Audit Life-Cycle
Quick Touch point Evaluation
Cross-Industry Expertise
100% Quality Check
Journey Breakpoints & Benchmarking
Immediate, Actionable Feedback

In-Person Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping in person requires a customer to visit a brick-and-mortar business to assess the purchasing process.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone mystery shopping operates largely over telephone communication. The mystery shopper calls the business to gather information.

Online Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopping program for online businesses is intended for those who operate mostly through e-commerce or who want to assess the customer experience of their e-commerce channel. For evaluation, the mystery shopper visits the company’s website to view its browsing, checkout, and follow-up processes.

Hybrid Mystery Shopping

For businesses with multiple distribution channels, mystery shopping may be conducted in-person, by telephone, or online. Regardless of the method, the goal remains to assess the customer experience.