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Call Center Quality Audit Tool
One stop solution to keep a check on all your Contact Center Operations.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Customer experience management that drives retention, engagement, and advocacy.
Deliver a positive customer experience by utilizing exceptional quality assurance audit software


Smart & random sampling of the calls to keep the best feedback quality
Real-Time Dashboards & Analysis
Real Time Alert Mechanism
Create Customized Checklists
Feedback through Email & Voice
Seamless Integration with Call Centre Dialler and CRM
In-Built Calibration Modules
Quick Rebuttal


Call centres are an important point of contact for the customers and brands need to come forward with ways to work upon quality assurance. Regular checks on the type of interaction of the call representative with the customers enlighten the management on whether the process is on the right track or not.

QAViews is an online Call Audit SAAS Application that integrates with call centre Dialler and CRM to fetch the details and calls (not storing on application) via API provided by CRM & Dialler vendor as per the need of the project.

Smart Sampling & Interaction Allocation

  1. Solutions for proactive interaction quality check
  2. Ensures all processes are optimized for maximum efficiency & effectiveness
  3. Fetch contact centre quality monitoring scorecard in the form of reports and keep track of agent performance

Real-time Reporting and Dashboard

Our data-driven quality assurance and quality control approach can boost business trust.

  1. A single dashboard displays survey results, quality, and performance data.
  2. Get professional help for creating quality parameters and customize them according to your need
  3. Measure on a predefined quality & quantitative benchmarks
  4. Get access to comprehensive real-time reports to help you evaluate call centre agent productivity.
  5. Track and Monitor real-time data through customer interaction management to make a faster decision

Create your own Checklists and Parameters for Inspections

Make your own quality standard parameters for custom audits

  1. Get professional help for creating quality parameters and customize them according to your need
  2. Measure on a predefined quality & quantitative benchmarks
  3. It directly improves KPIs, CSAT, and customer experience.

Real-Time Alert System

Set up and send real-time alerts and feedback of the Interactions.

  1. Get on-time alerts & notifications in case of any improvements suggested
  2. Get real-time scores for the quality of interaction based on parameters set.

Automate Every Step of the Customer Journey

Enterprise-Grade audit management system for Growing Companies

  1. Send and receive email notifications and reminders about audits.
  2. Integrated all interaction tools for your organization with a complete solution.
  3. Cover all the touchpoints of the customer journey in the audit process

Seamless Integration with Call Centre Dialler and CRM

Deliver Outstanding Customer Service from Anywhere Seamlessly.

  1. Handle all your inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns with ease and flexibility.
  2. Maintain Call Recording Logs to Achieve Compliance

In-Built Calibration Modules

You can use In-Built Calibration Modules whether you are a large corporation or a small start-up.

  1. Our team along with client calibrate to identify the parameters and benchmarks for the audits
  2. An internal audit system allows you to track and manage audit scheduling
  3. Keep track of your audit schedule from any location with internet access.
  4. Improves call centre quality and customer-agent interactions

Quick Rebuttal

QAViews allows you to select modules based on what is best for your company.

  1. Give inputs on an immediate basis for the audit scores received
  2. Produce thorough reports for all quality audits
  3. Ensures data integrity and completeness through consistent auditing