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Process Consulting

Process Consulting Services provides grassroots and revamp front-end process engineering to the refinery industry worldwide.

Pin point areas of improvements and also highlight those which are the best in your organization.


It can help every Business Reduce Inefficiencies, Streamline Workflows, and Grow Successfully.

Business Process Benchmarking through Mystery Audits, Calls.
End to End Customer Journey Mapping.
Capturing Inferences at Every Stage for Every Competitor.
Analysis of Final Outcomes.
Implementation of Processes as per ISO Standards.
Internal Audit & Gap Analysis.
Diagnose the Entire Process from Start to End.
Reporting with Effective Action Plans.

ISO Consulting

Getting ISO certified for any organization is an added benefit in ensuring quality work to its clients. We work to support organizations in getting certified for various ISO certifications.

  1. Improves reporting and communications.
  2. Governance model and delivery within the defined timeline.
  3. Timely internal trainings/mock tests.

End to End Process Analysis

End to end is the process to analyze the set of interactions between customers and organizations throughout their relationship. The idea of providing this is to enhance the customer experience at each and every stage of customer’s interaction with the organization.

  1. Selecting key customer processes to analyze customer behavior and experience.
  2. Strategizing related insights to deliver continuous process improvement.
  3. Being attentive to the process as a whole and making it robust.

Process Benchmarking

Process benchmarking is a structured service to compare one or more processes of any organization against the competitors in the same industry.

  1. Reduce costs by increasing efficiency.
  2. Focus on practices and offerings that promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Reporting with effective action plans.

Process Reengineering

Process reengineering is a technique to change or recreate core business process in order to improve service/product quality, output and customer experience.

  1. Diagnose the entire process from start to finish.
  2. Detect areas of improvements.
  3. Reduce friction and customer efforts.
  4. Analysis of final outcomes.
  5. Reporting with effective action plans.